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Heidi Brauer
is our teamleader and has always a helping hand. For over 12 years she complements our team to all of our joy!

Christina Sasse
for more than 11 years she is the good heart in our doghouse. She is also Heidi's second hand.

Karina Burow
is our dogtrainer. Agility, bike rides, Obedience are only some examples for her work. 13 years Karin works for us and therefore our "old hand".

Missing: Birthe Schlichter, Fran Rupcic, Birgit Bischoff, Rian Wade and Michael Reim.

Kathi Wilke (presents our Lhasas), Danielle Goodland (handles our dogs in the USA), Klara Miketová (is our successful handler worldwide), Heidi Brauer (our team leader) and Barbara Bruns (from the left):